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Vision - The Wild Willow Project.

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We are Isabelle and Kerry. We run the Inner-Voyage College in Australia and we are the Directors of the International Meditation Teachers and Therapists Association. We would like to share our vision with you. Perhaps it is in line with your own passion.

We are on a mission to create a healing retreat space on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in Queensland, Australia.

Our intention is to create a residential space where people can come to spend time in a sanctuary of healing. Where self-empowering tools are provided to assist in the repair and regeneration of mind, body and spirit using scientifically proven, natural and holistic modalities and methodologies.

No healing can happen, no matter how intensive the medical treatment, how extensive the surgery or how powerful the healing modality while a person is in the Fight-or-Flight response.

When people learn how to disengage the Fight-or-Flight Response (also known as the Stress Response) and return to the natural state of homeostasis (the balanced state, Relaxed, with the Rest and Repair Response active) the hormones and neurochemicals return to a healthy balance, allowing cells to repair and regenerate.
Most people are in the Fight-or-Flight Response, to some degree, almost all the time. Stress has come to be considered a normal part of our modern lifestyles, but it is an insidious, silent killer and manifests as both physical and psychological illness and dis-ease.

Many therapeutic programs address one or other of the, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of healing. Holistic healing seeks to discover the underlying root cause of the disease rather than treating the symptoms and then empowers people, with education, to develop the understanding and tools they need to take control of their entire wellbeing – not just one aspect of it and not by placing their healing in other people’s hands. Healing (from anything) is an inside job.

Fear, childhood trauma, post traumatic stress, depression, anger, anxiety, unresolved grief, shame and even the common day to day stress and pressure of our modern lives, lead to imbalances in neurochemicals and hormones which create unhealthy environments for our cells and this leads to disease. In the same way a plant will become toxic, wither and die in soil with a chemical imbalance, so the human cells depend on a healthy chemical environment to maintain perfect health.

Many people find the idea, that the way they think can have any effect on their physical health, hard to fathom. However, when the science behind the mind-body connection (Psychoneuroimmunology -PNI) is clearly explained and demonstrated, it can be a life changing (and often life-saving) experience.

When we learn how to control our thinking and how to take charge of the unconscious belief systems we may have inherited, we are empowered to move outside of fear and develop the habit of being in the relaxation response where, science has proven, the chemical changes which occur in one’s body can reverse illness and significantly contribute to maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind.

At the Wild Willow Retreat a variety of different programs will be provided for people requiring various levels of assistance in maintaining or returning to good health. For some, this will mean attending prolonged, intensive residential programs, aimed at overcoming serious and even life-threatening conditions. For others it may simply mean joining in Meditation, Yoga and holistic wellbeing retreats over a week or a weekend, away from the busy world, to reconnect, regenerate, develop and maintain healthy life habits.

The ability to achieve optimum health is everyone’s birthright. Yet many people find themselves unable to receive the treatment (and education) they need to get and stay well. This may be through lack of availability in their community, lack of finances or lack of education. We intend to help people overcome those roadblocks to good health.

For the past decade, we have been educating and Meditation Teachers and Holistic Counsellors, through the Inner-Voyage College. We have researched and written industry accredited training courses. IVC graduates are dedicated, passionate, informed healers; in private practice and in their communities; assisting their students and clients in developing the wisdom and tools they need to heal from illness, overcome emotional turmoil and maintain their best possible holistic health.

While we use a wide variety of complementary healing modalitis Meditation is unquestionably the most valued therapy.

Meditation is widely misunderstood. It is a practice with many assorted styles and different forms which have come from numerous cultures, religions and methodologies. To think that “Meditation” means to sit in the lotus position and try to think nothing is like thinking that “fruit” means only apples.

Different Meditation styles suit different people, depending on their individual learning style, lifestyle and a variety of other factors.

The practice of Meditation now has incontrovertible scientific evidence to confirm what most ancient people already knew: The regular practice of Meditation can and does facilitate healing and helps to keep people healthy – in body, mind and spirit.

The Meditation practices the IMTTA teaches are expansive, evidence based and non-sectarian, making them available to all people regardless of their cultural, religious or socio-economic background. Once learned, Meditation Therapy is self-managed, available anywhere at any time, completely safe, produces noticeable results quickly and is free.

Meditation counteracts the Fight-or-Flight Response and helps to create a healthy environment for cells to repair and grow. Treating illness with diet or any other modality or therapy, complementary or conventional, is close to useless if the person does not have the understanding and skills required to overcome stress and exist, for most of the time, in the relaxed response. Meditation Therapy is the simple, accessible and natural answer.

We have seen this proven, many times, over thirty years of working in this field. Over of the last ten years, educating and training practitioners, we have come to absolutely believe Meditation is the key, not only to improving health, increasing happiness and even saving lives in individual people; but to bringing about massive global change.

This belief has grown out of the amazing results we have witnessed in our own students, our graduates and their students and clients. We have received hundreds of testimonials from the people who tell us the knowledge and self-understanding they gained, through our training courses, improved their health, changed their lives for the better and in many cases, they believe it has even saved their lives.

This inspired us to want to share Meditation, as a healing therapy, with as many people as possible and so, five years ago, we established the International Meditation Teachers and Therapists Association. Through the IMTTA we can provide valuable resources and ongoing practical support to our members; the graduates who go out into the world and work on the front line, helping people learn how to heal their lives, their minds and their bodies.

Three years ago, we began offering Intellectual Property Licensing agreements, so other people can use all our course materials and resources to run their own training organizations and train many more Meditation Teachers and Meditation Therapists, than we ever physically could alone. This has been a very successful program and there are now 17 colleges, besides Inner-Voyage college, offering IMTTA Meditation Therapist training courses throughout Australia. Several of these colleges are in their second and third years of successful operation.

We are now offering IP licenses, internationally, to people who want to run training colleges like Inner-Voyage and help meet the growing demand for Meditation Therapists all over the world.

The next step is the Wild Willow Retreat. The funds raised through IP licensing fees will comprise the main contribution necessary to establish Wild Willow, helping us create a much-needed place that people can turn to, in times of need, to find a tranquil space and programs that will educate them and empower them in taking responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

We intend to sell the International IP License agreements in each of the United States of America, one in Canada, one in New Zealand and two in the United Kingdom. These numbers have been calculated based on each country’s population, to ensure the greatest opportunity for success for the colleges, while meeting the growing need for high quality training for Meditation Teachers and Therapists.

This will provide the Wild Willow Retreat Project with the funds required to begin operation. The annual IP license renewal fees, will provide ongoing funding for the retreat.

Wild Willow will have some additional features.

The property will be developed as an Eco-village using permaculture principles to create sustainability, self-sufficiency and to ensure our environmental footprint is feather light.

We will run workshops to teach other people how to use permaculture and how to build houses using earth (or Cob) and reclaimed or recycled materials. This will contribute to funding the retreat and pass on traditional, environmentally healthy skills to those who seek such knowledge.

A large number of therapists will contribute to the programs, bringing a variety of skills and some will live on-site, forming a residential healers community.

At the moment, we have over 50 Meditation teachers and holistic health practitioners who are collaborating to help us bring the Wild Willow Retreat to life.

For many people, in serious need of holistic therapies to help them overcome either physical of emotional illness, the current healthcare system cannot meet their needs. This is mostly because holistic treatment is seldom available through the conventional medical pathway. Most natural therapies facilities, as mentioned earlier, often focus only on the physical aspects of healing. While diet and detoxing the body are important elements in healing, without addressing the root cause of the problem, most healing is short lived. These healing retreats are usually too expensive for most people to ever attend in any case.

The Wild Willow Retreat, with its long-term funding plan, will be able to offer affordable and where necessary, free treatment to all in need.

Here are some ways you can be involved with the Wild Willow Retreat Project.

Learn to Meditate, with one of our highly skilled Meditation Therapists; Improve your own health and wellbeing while supporting the therapists who are dedicated to helping other people get and stay healthy and happy.
Find a Meditation Class HERE

Enrol with one of the IMTTA licensed training organizations and become a Meditation Therapist yourself, and help hundreds of people to live happier, healthier lives. Find a college HERE

Consider becoming an IMTTA IP licensee and let us help you open your own training organization, where you can assist hundreds of people begin careers as Meditation Therapists, and, through them, help thousands of people to live happier, healthier lives. Learn about becoming and IMTTA Licensed Training Provider HERE

Like our Facebook page and stay up to date with the Wild Willow Retreat Project

Put your name on the ‘Future Volunteers List’ so we can let you know when we are ready to welcome helping hands HERE

Make a financial contribution (every little bit helps)


If you cant do any of those things and you still want to contribute to making our world better in some way, you could work on cultivating compassion and being, above all else, kind. Absolutely everyone can afford to be kind. Imagine a world where every persons priority is to act form kindness. You can certainly be a part of the movement!


Wild Willow Retreat is a subsidiary of the International Meditation Teachers & Therapists Association.